Garden Tours in New Zealand – Spring Blooms

Spring Blooms Garden Tours in New Zealand Honeymoon Packages

New Zealand offers something for everyone – beaches, adrenaline-pumping activities and Lord of the Rings fans can travel back in time at Hobbiton movie set – plus the locals are extremely welcoming!

Springtime brings untamed landscapes teeming with vibrant lupin fields, providing stunning sights. Enjoy country hospitality from Hurunui to Banks Peninsula during private farmhouse lunches served on private farms.

Mackenzie Country

New Zealand’s rugged terrain captivates visitors, from glaciers and volcanoes, fjords, and rainforests, to stunning gardens displaying native ornamental plants like pohutukawas, kowhais, and flax. But this South Pacific nation also offers something else unique – its lush gardens.

New Zealand Honeymoon Packages are the ideal destination for nature enthusiasts and art enthusiasts. One of New Zealand’s most beloved annual festivals, Alexandra Blossom Festival, takes place each early spring with blossoming trees adorning beautiful scenery. In addition, this New Zealand Honeymoon Package can include visiting Lake Tekapo to witness an appearance by Southern Rata Tree which blooms late September – something which most other honeymoon packages don’t include!

New Zealand Honeymoon Packages have been specially tailored to give couples an intimate honeymoon experience. Walking hand in hand across landscapes that see few visitors, helicoptering into wilderness areas with no other visitors nearby and enjoying exclusive activities at five-star lodges are just some of the ways this journey brings out romanticism in every turn. From breathtaking vistas to romantic surprises – nature meets cultural discoveries in this spellbinding South Island paradise.


On this tour, you’ll explore a series of captivating gardens at their peak bloom. Private jewels such as Doonholm Garden and Harold Porter coastal botanical garden; public showcases such as Kirstenbosch (one of the Magnificent Seven) and Brenthurst; as well as exciting hotspots like Babylonstoren will all be included. In addition, local luminaries and horticultural experts will share insights into sustainability successes, challenges, and collaborations – plus you’ll meet local luminaries!

Springtime landscapes are filled with vibrant flowers that make for stunning photographs. Additionally, this season offers the chance to witness Aurora Australis (Northern Lights of the Southern Hemisphere).

New Zealand is an incredible set of islands that is famed for its gardening tradition. The lush green fields, fjords and volcanic mountains that dot its landscape are home to exotic fauna – making this country ideal for relaxing beach walks as well as high-octane thrills – making this destination the ultimate honeymooner’s getaway destination!


New Zealand’s Emerald Islands entice travelers with stunning lakes, lush forests, spectacular beaches, glaciers and mountain peaks. New Zealand has its own native flora that has evolved independently over centuries; 75% of its 2000+ flowering plants can only be found here!

South Island blooms begin their spectacular display of blooms around August, reaching their zenith by September. This is an ideal opportunity to witness spectacular lupine fields whose vibrant purple displays create an eye-catching contrast against the green landscape.

New Zealand offers an unexpected treat each springtime; bright yellow daffodils pop up unexpectedly all around, newborn lambs flood paddocks and cherry blossoms fill the air with delicate pink petals – an uplifting sight indeed! Kiwis are known for their sophisticated garden culture; our tour features both private and public gardens.


Snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis) are among the first flowers of spring, creating stunning displays in their own right. Clump-forming snowdrops can be moved around easily for greater visual impact; depending on their cultivar they could flower anywhere between January and April.

At any time of year, waterfalls across the country are in full bloom as melting snows create an incredible flow of flowing water in spectacular scenery. If you are searching for an adventure of the natural kind, scenic flights from Queenstown offer the chance to view snow-peaked mountains that frame lakes and cavernous fiords of Milford Sound.

Maori gardeners were among the earliest gardeners in New Zealand and produced significant edible crops like sweet potato, taro and yam in large communal gardens as well as Pacific cabbage tree leaves and kowhai flowers. Modern traditional larger gardens and estate gardens mirror British and European styles with hedges, perennial and shrub borders with roses and ornamental conifers like Rhododendrons; ornamental native species like Pohutukawa trees (native shrub), Kohais (Pacific cabbage trees) and tree ferns becoming increasingly popular as modern style designer plants – plus of course an excellent place to see Kiwi birds (New Zealand’s flightless national bird!). Of course it’s also great fun seeing kiwis!


New Zealand is an extraordinary collection of islands with an exquisite garden tradition. Maori farmers cultivated significant edible crops like kumara and taro in large communal gardens; British gardeners introduced an ever-evolving garden culture characterized by flowering trees, shrubs, perennials and more formal European and English styles that include hedges, perennial borders and exotic conifers on South Island gardens.

Visit Gwavas, a homestead-style country garden in rural Hawke’s Bay, to witness camellias, magnolias, azaleas and rhododendrons blooming to full splendour. Learn from their experienced growers how design, selection and planting combine together to produce such an vibrant space.

As spring is often less crowded than peak summer season, popular destinations can be explored more leisurely and with greater ease. This tour also includes a visit to an Auckland winery where you’ll learn all about New Zealand wines and how they’re produced.