New Zealand Honeymoon Packages for Every Season

New Zealand Honeymoon Packages for Every Season

New Zealand honeymoon packages give you the chance to discover its spectacular landscapes. Explore pristine beaches, towering mountains and milky glaciers!

Romance fills New Zealand’s South Island landscapes, from hot air balloon rides above Canterbury to tasting wines at private vineyards.

Fjords offer adventure while islands reveal romance – discover both with this specially tailored tour. Visit First Light Travel NZ Honeymoon experiences to get more ideas.


New Zealand’s tranquil, exotic landscape is breathtaking all year long, but during winter its true glory shines forth. Sunlight shines brighter and stars glitter more brightly under an abundance of snow-capped mountains and lush rainforests encasing our earth.

Winter in Poland brings with it vibrant villages that come to life, as its townspeople gather around warm fires in log cabins to enjoy local wines and gourmet cuisine, before whisking honeymooners away on snow activities for high-octane adventure – making this trip ideal for couples wanting both serenity and excitement during their honeymoon!

New Zealand’s luxury lodges provide their best services and amenities during this season, such as warm blankets and steamy hot springs. In addition, the countryside comes alive with vibrant red blooms of pohutukawa trees – you could follow in their footsteps and hike iconic paths from “The Lord of the Rings.”

Winter honeymoon packages in New Zealand provide the opportunity to experience this country at its most dramatic and magical. This 10-night package includes luxurious lodge stays and unforgettable experiences while providing ample time for relaxation and rejuvenation.


New Zealand’s magnificent natural scenery lures adventure couples, honeymooners and romantics looking for sensual settings on glamorous getaways and rejuvenating retreats. Explore ancient forests and glaciers; gain insights into Maori culture and British influence at historic sites and museums; indulge in delectable cuisine from award-winning vineyards; all this awaits in New Zealand!

Spring New Zealand Honeymoon Packages provide newlywed couples with a romantic and rejuvenating vacation experience. Experience an exhilarating glacier trek while visiting Waitomo glow worm caves, meeting Maori people locally or touring Hobbiton (where many Lord of the Rings scenes were shot), meeting local Maoris or touring Hobbiton itself where many scenes from The Lord of the Rings trilogy were shot). Outdoor activities like hiking, trekking and bungee jumping will enhance your journey!

Romance thrives on these remote islands that see few visitors. Wander hand in hand across breathtaking landscapes, sip wine at vineyards filled with indulgence, or use helicopter to reach wilderness areas that call out for discovery – New Zealand boasts beautiful islands, fjords, and mountain ranges for your romantic journey to explore.

New Zealand boasts mild temperatures year-round with comfortable summertime temperatures and cool winters. To avoid crowds during this peak tourist season from May to October, visit during spring (from May through October). You will still have access to an array of outdoor activities, such as hiking, sailing, and kayaking.


New Zealand is an island paradise, boasting breathtaking natural beauty and captivating culture that will leave you speechless. Here, you can hike mountains while feasting on gourmet cuisine or taking a relaxing dip in one of its thermal hot springs.

New Zealand offers breathtaking landscapes and thrilling outdoor adventures that make it the ideal honeymoon destination. Discover its island nation on a luxury cruise of Milford Sound or experience its unspoiled wilderness via horseback riding or hiking adventures, take a helicopter flight over Mt Cook or Queenstown or stay in romantic lodges that provide peace and serenity, or spend quality time together luxuriating on luxurious beaches or islands that see limited tourists.

Are You A Foodie Or Wine Enthusiast? Treat Yourself To An Excursion To the Wine Regions If wine tasting is your passion, visit one of the country’s world-renowned vineyards and indulge in a wine tour while sipping sauvignon blanc while watching the sunset or sharing an intimate romantic dinner together. Or treat yourself to a scenic trek through mountains and forests by foot, mountain bike, horseback or trying something adventurous such as river rafting or surfing for nature enthusiasts.

Visit Middle-earth locations featured in “The Lord of the Rings” films and walk in the footsteps of fictional hobbit heroes or experience Maori culture – perfect for outdoor enthusiasts or nature enthusiasts. Summer provides warm days and balmy nights ideal for exploring this fairytale world!


New Zealand’s magnificent natural scenery captivates adventure couples and romance seekers alike, with unspoiled beaches of Coromandel, geysers of Rotorua, pearl-white glacial formations in Westland Tai Poutini National Park among many breathtaking sites to be admired during honeymoon packages to New Zealand.

Fall is an especially romantic season in New Zealand with snowcapped mountain backdrops and frozen lakes providing stunning scenic vistas. Winter brings less crowds into the countryside so you can experience cozy lodges complete with fireplaces, hot chocolate and tasty local cuisine – an ideal combination.

Newlywed couples looking for an exciting getaway will enjoy this package, which offers them the chance to visit Hobbiton movie set and trek through Middle Earth on an epic New Zealand journey. Additionally, guests will get to swim with dolphins and spot penguins during a cruise around Bay of Islands.

New Zealand is blessed with two short but cool seasons a year: summer on both North and South islands is short yet cold, offering balmy evenings, warm beaches lined with pohutukawa trees bursting with vibrant red blooms, loudly singing cicadas and tuis birds, festive celebrations with incredible food and beverages that makes this country such a pleasure to visit at any time of the year.