Weather Guide For New Zealand Honeymoon Packages

Weather Guide for New Zealand Honeymoon Packages

When planning your dream New Zealand honeymoon, one of the key considerations should be when to travel. Your choice depends entirely upon what activities and weather preferences are important to you.

North Island enjoys subtropical weather while South Island alpine regions experience colder temperatures.


New Zealand offers stunning natural beauty and adventure activities that make it the ideal romantic retreat. Couples looking for adventure can explore Tongariro National Park’s icy beauty as well as stunning lakes and majestic mountains across both islands; whatever their taste, there will surely be something perfect here for them.

Winter in New Zealand provides the ideal opportunity to take advantage of reduced crowds, breathtaking natural beauty, discounted activities and eating cheap at local cafes and restaurants – not to mention New Zealand’s pristine waters offer endless water sport adventures like sailing, kayaking and river rafting!

Explore rugged nature with hikes and cave exploration, visit Maori cultural locations or simply relax in natural hot springs or mud spas. Cuisine here blends Asian, modern European, locally grown ingredients into one delicious cuisine; whilst its wine can be sampled during a vineyard tour or candlelit dinner in an island cellar.

To experience true luxury on your honeymoon trip to New Zealand, book one of the many luxurious New Zealand honeymoon packages and stay at a chic boutique hotel or luxurious lodge. A Zicasso travel specialist can assist in selecting a suitable package based on your interests; perhaps intimate retreat, exciting excursions or cultural immersion are most appealing? Book your New Zealand honeymoon package now to start planning memories for life together.


New Zealand is a haven for nature enthusiasts and romantic couples looking for an exciting adventure. Its rugged mountains and sparkling lakes offer breathtaking sights, while cities brim with culture and history. Newlywed couples looking for something different may also consider New Zealand – making this destination perfect as their honeymoon spot!

Newlyweds can embark on a luxurious cruise of Milford Sound to witness magnificent mountains, abundant wildlife and picturesque landscapes. Adventure-seekers may wish to hike, trek, ski or make use of Queenstown’s tandem bungee jump facility; for those wanting something less adventurous but equally satisfying there are beaches, vineyards or museums of Auckland for further explorations.

Spring marks a transitional period between winter and summer, so its weather can vary drastically from day to day. Still, temperatures are rising steadily and flowers begin to bloom with each passing day.

Tongariro National Park is an idyllic paradise for nature enthusiasts, boasting breathtaking mountains, lush forests and crystal clear lakes. Adventurous types can also enjoy skiing, hiking, trekking and rafting; those seeking relaxation can head over to one of its natural hot springs and mud spas for some rejuvenating pampering!

New Zealand cuisine and wine is world-class, featuring both Asian and modern European influences. Fresh seafood is especially tasty; gourmet restaurants abound. Try a pavlova for dessert featuring crispy meringue and juicy fruits; alternatively try their centuries-old cooking method of hangi for some variety.


New Zealand is a magical land where nature’s splendor and romance is celebrated at every turn. Explore its captivating Southern Alps, unwind on beautiful beaches, hike among volcanic hills, sleep under the stars under open sky skies or just simply marvel at fjords, islands or vineyards – New Zealand truly offers something for everyone to explore and fall in love with.

With New Zealand honeymoon packages available, making your dream trip possible is now easier than ever without all the stress associated with planning it yourself. But remember, honeymoon trip packages don’t come cheap so selecting one that meets both your budget and personal preferences is key to having an amazing trip experience!

New Zealand summers are truly stunning, offering balmy evenings, sunny days, and vibrant red pohutukawa blooms that decorate coastal areas and waterfronts alike. Additionally, both North and South Islands experience their busiest period ever due to extended school holiday breaks for local residents.

An exciting summer honeymoon in New Zealand provides the ideal opportunity to take part in some of its signature thrill activities. Discover Taupo’s charming boutique shops and cafes or jump from 15,000ft in skydiving adventure! New Zealand boasts low crime levels; so expect warm and friendly people who are happy to assist when needed.


Autumn is an ideal time to visit New Zealand. Temperatures tend to be more pleasant than in the heat of summer, while leaves change from green to vibrant hues of orange, yellow, and red – creating a stunning scene! Crowds also tend to decrease at this time making autumn an excellent opportunity for exploration outside without as many people around.

Weather in New Zealand tends to be dry and sunny; however, you may experience one or two rainy days from time to time; these should only serve to increase its natural beauty!

An ideal time for hiking, biking and bungy jumping activities as well as festivals is spring time in New Zealand. Witness kiwi birds breeding season as you admire snow-capped peaks across South Island – both majestic sights.